11 Tips for a Successful Website

Knowing where to start and what to look out for in your dental practice website can be tricky. After all, web development is a whole profession in itself! That’s why we’ve crafted this user-friendly checklist to make website optimisation a breeze. With these 11 essential checks, keeping your dental website in top-notch condition has never … Read more

The restorative dentistry industry – the inside scoop…

We recently caught up with Kerr UK, a company that designs and manufactures products for all aspects of modern restorative dentistry. With an unrivalled heritage of over 130 years, the Kerr team provides its customers and their patients with unrivalled peace of mind, alongside a proven evidence base stretching back decades. Kerr understands that the … Read more

The Magic of Professional Headshots for Dentists

Ever wondered how a simple photo could make a big difference in your dental career? Well, today we’re diving into the world of professional headshots for dentists. These aren’t your average selfies – we’re talking about the kind of snapshots that can work wonders for your reputation, charm your potential patients, and make your dental … Read more

FollowApp: A New Way Dentex is Connecting with Patients

As an organisation, Dentex is always seeking tools to make our practices better for their patients and their teams. One such initiative, driven by Business Development Manager Team Leader at Dentex, Lee Bilcock, is the implementation of FollowApp, which is an automated patient engagement system that generates text messages to check in on patients following … Read more

Discover the benefits of payment options for you and your patients

Recently, we sat down with Chrysalis Finance, UK’s largest patient payment solutions company, to talk about the rise in self-pay patient care and why payment options are not only important to patients, but they also make good business sense for our practices.  Patient care is evolving  You can see it in your own practice. The idea … Read more

Dentistry at its Most Adventurous

Cat Burford is preparing to become one of only a handful of women in the world to do a solo unsupported expedition to the South Pole, and the first dentist. As a practising dentist at the River Practice Specialist Centre in Truro, you’d think there’s few opportunities for her working world to cross paths with … Read more

Advance Dental Clinic Celebrates its 20 Year Milestone

Advance Dental Clinic Chemlsford

As Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford celebrates 20 years in business, we sit down with principle Dr Andrew Moore to learn how the practice has evolved in the last two decades. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! What have been the key things you’d attribute to the practice’s success? The team is the overriding factor and … Read more

Dentex Clinicians Named as Dentistry’s Most Influential

Dentex Dentistry Top 50

It’s with great pleasure that we extend our congratulations to eight clinicians within our Dentex community that have been named as members of the 2023 Dentistry Top 50. Those named, in alphabetical order, are: Dr Rahul Doshi, Dentex Dr Sam Jethwa, Perfect Smile Studio Dr Zaki Kanaan, Bow Lane Dental Group Dr Shiraz Khan, Elleven … Read more

More Than Just A New Home for Elleven Dental

Welcome to the truly luxurious new location for Elleven Dental Elleven Dental is proud to have opened the doors of its brand new practice earlier this year, located at 74 Wimpole Street in the heart of central London. Moving to this new five-floor practice created a fantastic opportunity for the team: the chance to create … Read more

Promoting Gender Inclusivity in Patient Forms

Person holding a pride flag in the rain

As June is Pride month, we wanted to shine a light on a few ways that dental teams can implement  gender inclusivity into their practices to ensure that all patients feel valued and comfortable. Making small changes to your practice materials and forms will promote an inclusive culture. Management system SOE has made this a … Read more