Our story

Dentex has shown significant growth thanks to our unique offering. We have ambitious growth expectations and so far, we are on track to hit the target of more than 150-member practices by 2022.

Dentex is creating a long-term, sustainable partnership of dentists – not grouping and selling practices. We have been able to grow by taking a group of people with different skills and working in partnership to build a better business with better information – a similar approach to that of accounting and legal firms. This has never been done in dentistry.

Creating a true partnership means everyone can focus on what they do best, which means creating a sustainable business. The concept of working together in partnership and not as individual practices is a new idea, which, for us, is where the future of dentistry lies.

Dentists are often forced to work in isolation but when operating collaboratively as part of a wider group, they can truly thrive.

The Dentex co-ownership model is different with respect to the benefits we offer our partners. We look to address some of the restrictions that dentists who have experienced as part of corporates in the past. These include:

  • Clinical freedom
  • Retaining practice identity and ethos
  • Realising equity, whilst keeping an interest in your practice and the Dentex group
  • Working alongside renowned dentists as your partners
  • Involving yourself in the aspects of dentistry you enjoy
  • Group learnings in areas such as compliance, regulation and marketing
  • Clinical mentoring
  • Long-term focus, rather than short-term profits

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