11 Tips for a Successful Website

Knowing where to start and what to look out for in your dental practice website can be tricky. After all, web development is a whole profession in itself! That’s why we’ve crafted this user-friendly checklist to make website optimisation a breeze. With these 11 essential checks, keeping your dental website in top-notch condition has never been easier.  Let’s dive in!

1) Security – Lock It Down!  Make sure your website has that trusty lock symbol next to the URL. If it’s absent, just give your hosting provider a shout and ask them to update it.

2) A Warm, Welcoming Header! Ensure your website’s header features a high-quality logo and maintains consistent colour schemes that are reflective of your brand colours. Don’t forget those important details like your address, clickable phone number, and a booking button. Implement a “sticky” header to keep contact details visible as patients scroll down. This means that patients can choose to contact you no matter where they have scrolled on the page. 

3) Streamlined Navigation: Opt for straightforward and consistent top-level navigation. Sub-categorise treatments with informative resources to educate patients. Each treatment should have its own dedicated page, this makes it easier for patients to find the information they need and optimises visibility on Google Searches.

4) Mobile-Friendly Magic! Around 60% of our practice’s website visitors are on mobile, so let’s make sure your website is as effective on phones as it is on computers. A quick tip: give it a test run on your mobile! If you notice any issues let your website hosting provider know. 

5) Patient-Approved Content! Keep it easy for our awesome patients. Ditch the jargon and let high-quality visuals do the talking.  Avoid overly detailed or anxiety-inducing graphics. Opt for clear fonts and high-contrast colours that enhance readability for patients with disabilities. Around 15% of the population has a disability of some form so it’s important to make sure content is accessible. 

6) Enhance Credibility: Show off those Dentist Association logos and awards. Display them below your banner or up top on the homepage. It’s like wearing a badge of honour! This instils confidence in visitors.

7) Introduce the practice and the team: Include a comprehensive ‘About us’ section which covers:

  • Clinicians and staff bios along with professional qualifications and a headshot of each staff member
  • Press coverage
  • Practice awards
  • Photos and videos of the practice and staff
  • Mission statement of practice

8) Don’t be shy about finances: Share information about dental plans, insurance, and payment methods (e.g. Visa/American Express) on a separate page. Providing clear pricing information builds trust with potential patients. It shows that you are open and honest about your fees, which can help establish a positive rapport from the beginning.

9) Be easy to reach! Make it super easy to get in touch. Display your practice phone number and email address in the header. Include a contact form asking for the patient’s name, phone number, email, and a friendly message – that’s all it takes. Plus, throw in options for treatment details and call-back preferences. 

10) Share the Love – Social Style! Spread the joy with social sharing buttons on every page. If you’re really active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, why not show off your feed on the homepage?

11) Cheers to Great Feedback! Let those Google My Business Reviews shine! Whether it’s a glowing quote or just a heads up about your stellar 215 reviews with a 4.9-star average, it’s all about building trust.

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