Is It Time for a Practice Refurbishment?

Refurbishing your dental practice can feel like a daunting task, but a refurbishment can lead to a better, and more appealing, environment for your patients and your team. So, how do you know when it is time for a practice refit? Consider the following questions as a starting point. Is your practice looking tired? Let’s … Read more

When Is It Time for a Dental Health Check?

While the general guidance on regularity of a dental health check is often considered to be every six months, this can vary due to circumstances and the individual. If you’re unsure of when you should book your next appointment with your dentist, first check when your last appointment was – you might be surprised how … Read more

11 Tips for a Successful Website

Knowing where to start and what to look out for in your dental practice website can be tricky. After all, web development is a whole profession in itself! That’s why we’ve crafted this user-friendly checklist to make website optimisation a breeze. With these 11 essential checks, keeping your dental website in top-notch condition has never … Read more

Expedition Dentistry – is it on your radar?

The Molar Explorer, Cat Burford’s love of adventure spans both her personal and professional life. While she prepares to undertake a solo unsupported expedition of the South Pole, Cat also works as a practising dentist at the River Practice Specialist Centre in Truro and as a freelance teacher of expedition dentistry for World Extreme Medicine. … Read more

The restorative dentistry industry – the inside scoop…

We recently caught up with Kerr UK, a company that designs and manufactures products for all aspects of modern restorative dentistry. With an unrivalled heritage of over 130 years, the Kerr team provides its customers and their patients with unrivalled peace of mind, alongside a proven evidence base stretching back decades. Kerr understands that the … Read more

On our best behaviour – avoiding patient complaints.

Recently, we spoke with Densura, expert dental indemnity insurers, and sponsors of our ‘Ask the Specialists’ event to get some tips and useful information on avoiding patient complaints, as the one thing that we can all agree on is that dentistry is very difficult. Many patients provide considerable challenges. Not only are there all the … Read more

FollowApp: A New Way Dentex is Connecting with Patients

As an organisation, Dentex is always seeking tools to make our practices better for their patients and their teams. One such initiative, driven by Business Development Manager Team Leader at Dentex, Lee Bilcock, is the implementation of FollowApp, which is an automated patient engagement system that generates text messages to check in on patients following … Read more

The Future of Orthodontics is Clear

Claire Nightingale Queens Gate Orthodontics

Disclaimer The mentions of specific brands in this article are the opinion of Claire Nightingale and do not reflect the opinions of Dentex as a company.  For award-winning Orthodontist Claire Nightingale, the future is clear. We sat down with Claire to hear her opinion on why she’s pivoted her practice to treat predominantly with Invisalign … Read more

Discover the benefits of payment options for you and your patients

Recently, we sat down with Chrysalis Finance, UK’s largest patient payment solutions company, to talk about the rise in self-pay patient care and why payment options are not only important to patients, but they also make good business sense for our practices.  Patient care is evolving  You can see it in your own practice. The idea … Read more

Dentistry at its Most Adventurous

Cat Burford is preparing to become one of only a handful of women in the world to do a solo unsupported expedition to the South Pole, and the first dentist. As a practising dentist at the River Practice Specialist Centre in Truro, you’d think there’s few opportunities for her working world to cross paths with … Read more