Once You Join Us.

Want to know what it’s like when you join us? Here’s what happens once the ink is dry and you’re part of the fold…

Getting to know you....

First things first. Our extremely friendly and completely dedicated Partner Support team come in to find out what makes the practice tick. You'll meet the Operations team and talk through what makes your practice unique. We’ll take the time to understand your practice, your people, and your patients.

Set the strategy.

From the very first meeting, we work with you on the growth and development plan for your practice, ensuring that it’s true to your ethos. Growing the business is important, but it has to happen in the right way.

The heart of the practice...

Your practice manager. The biggest change is often to the practice manager’s role. They will be supported to fully take charge of the business side of the practice, leaving the clinicians to focus on the clinical journey. With a newly enhanced role to get stuck into, they become the hub around which everything revolves.

Amplifying your message.

Tapping to an award-winning marketing team is a pretty big benefit of partnering with us. Once we help you get a business plan in place, we’ll work with you on creating a tailored marketing strategy and help get everyone prepped to back it.

Fall in love with dentistry again.

We’ve come in and helped you step back. Now what? Now you have the time to finally concentrate on your clinical work. You get to do more dentistry, spend more time with patients, and the practice will be better for it. Enjoy doing the job you love and watch the revenue grow.

Adieu to admin.

The constant support from our wonderful back-office operations team aka Partner Support means the little things are where you will see the biggest changes. Worried about letting go? Don’t be. Your practice manager will be given the training and time to run the practice as a business, with the Partner Support team just a phone call away. Everyone's a winner.