How We Work.

Running your own practice used to mean something different. People had time and freedom to flex their business acumen, create, innovate and enjoy the long-term financial benefits that came with owning their own practices. But we wanted to create something that allowed for this again…

Things are a little different now, and we get that.

With the best will in the world, it’s hard to keep clinical focus when you’re also running a practice. Compliance can be a sticky beast, practice management is a full-time job and regulatory demands can swiftly dampen even the most entrepreneurial spirit. Many dentists are in their late 30s before they can own a practice. Coupled with an average retirement age of 50-55, the window for earning is getting tighter.

All these issues have historically led to principals selling their practice to a dental corporate. But this can mean a few things we’re not the biggest fans of. Restricted clinical freedom. Diminished independence. Stripping practices of what makes them unique.


That’s where we’re different. When you sell us your practice, you buy into the group. As a partner you retain control andhave complete clinical freedom, with the added benefit of freeing up time to do the things you’re passionate about. Whether that’s spending more time with the people you love, ticking something off your bucket list or just transitioning to a happier ending to your career.

As equity holders, Dentex dentists are invested alongside shareholders. Everyone has a common goal. It also means that they don’t just become employees but keep a degree of ownership and control in their practices.

We are so proud of our partnership model (can you tell?). It is inclusive and has been created with our partners in mind. It gives you the opportunity to grow your business and practise clinical dentistry in the way you want to, free of day-to-day administrative burdens.

Support for you and your team

When you join us, your entire practice joins our community. A wealth of experience is unlocked and available to you and your practice. From a pool of fellow partners to tap into, dynamic group-wide practice manager forums and training events for practice staff, we can offer you support you may have been missing as an independent practice owner.

Not only that, but you’ll also have access to our incredible Partner Support team. We have teams dedicated to compliance, operations, procurement, legal, marketing, finance, HR and IT – all here supporting you and your team to run your practice.

We’re an open book....

We’ve all heard it: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Well, that wasn’t the case for the light bulb, internet or air conditioning, and it isn’t with us. We really are an open book. Here’s a list of all our practices for you to peruse. Give any one of our partners a call to hear what it’s really like to be part of the Dentex community.