Designing for Diversity: Making Social Media Accessible For All

social icons on a phone

What is accessibility? Accessibility on social media refers to the practice of designing and presenting content in a way that ensures individuals with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with it effectively. It involves making social media platforms and the content shared on them accessible to a diverse range of users, including those with … Read more

Dentistry at its Most Adventurous

Cat Burford is preparing to become one of only a handful of women in the world to do a solo unsupported expedition to the South Pole, and the first dentist. As a practising dentist at the River Practice Specialist Centre in Truro, you’d think there’s few opportunities for her working world to cross paths with … Read more

National Dental Nurse Day

Today is national dental nurse day, and so we’d like to take the opportunity to acknowledge how lucky we are at Dentex to have such an amazing network of nurses. We are very proud of the wonderful work and support they provide to their patients, their team and the wider Dentex community. We thought we would celebrate by sharing some … Read more

A Change of Pace


When Belinda Vohra started her practice, Coombe Dental Care, in 2006, she was initially doing it all. While she was already an experienced dentist – she’d qualified as a Dental Surgeon in 1991, following training at the Royal London Hospital, spent three years training in oral surgery, then spent 10 years as an Associate at … Read more

Meet The Molar Explorer


  We’d like to shine a light on one member of the Dentex community, who’s set her sights on a truly incredible expedition. Meet Cat McAvoy – the molar explorer. Cat McAvoy is a busy woman. Alongside her role as a practising dentist at the River Practice Specialist Centre in Truro, she has a love … Read more

An Active Change

Ishita and Gordon

When Gordon Black reflects back on starting his practice, Hertford Dental Care, with wife Ishita 15 years ago, he admits he doesn’t know how they did it. The couple bought their business and soon afterwards had their first son – Rowan – followed by two more boys – Aran and Noah. They focused on building … Read more

Dentistry: Science or Art?

For Dr Greg Finn, principal at Finn Dental Specialists in Beckenham and part of the Dentex community, you can’t have one without the other. Is dentistry an art, a science or both? While for the patient, the two may not appear intrinsically linked, for Dr Greg Finn the answer is resoundingly the latter; to achieve … Read more