Why Partner?

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If you’re looking for a new challenge but still love your dentistry, then co-ownership could be the perfect option for you.

You’re looking to the future

Perhaps you’re considering your exit plan, but don’t want to hang up the handpiece just yet. Partnering with Dentex gives you options without forcing you to give up the practice you have worked so hard to build – ensuring a stable future for you and your team. Meaning you can leave your practice the way you built it.

You’re looking our for your team

Great patient care comes from a great team – and that doubly applies in Dentex practices, where everyone is pulling together for the good of patients and the business. Everyone has a role to play – especially support staff, who often find their roles enhanced with Dentex. Greater responsibility and wider, more fulfilling career options await for those who are ready to step up!

You want to buy in, not sell out

With Dentex, the term ‘partner’ isn’t just lip service. The upfront cash payment that releases some of the equity in your business does not mean giving up your hard-won independence. Everything that made your practice a success stays the same – your brand, your team, your clinical decision making. The only difference is the new support network ready to back you up. It is therefore no surprise many dentists joining are, on average, five years younger than most dentists selling their practices.

You still love clinical dentistry

If stepping back from running a practice to concentrate on your patients sounds attractive, then Dentex has a solution. Partners often find they immediately have more time for their dentistry. This not only keeps everyone working to their strengths, it spells practice growth too. By giving you more time with patients, revenues can grow quicker than they otherwise would: you will be doing more dentistry, and the practice will be better for it.

You want to invest in what you know

As a Dentex partner, you can retain equity in an industry you understand. Enjoy the benefits of increasing the value of the business and play your own part in making it grow: something that no other corporate can offer.

You’d like more business support

The burden of administration is weighing heavier on even the best-organised practices. By partnering with Dentex, you and your team can tap into greater support and expertise in a host of different areas. For many, the support with compliance, CQC inspections and GDPR will be the big ticket items. But it doesn’t stop there: expect support with marketing, HR, finance, consent and staff training too.