Malcolm Schaller, from Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre opens up on his journey in dentistry

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Malcolm Schaller began his dental career after qualifying at Guys Hospital Dental School. He has developed into one of the most prestigious specialist oral surgeons, prosthodontists and dental surgeons in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, Malcolm had been approached by a series of dental corporates from the UK and other countries interested in buying in his current practice, the Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre (HSORC). However, it was Dentex’s management team and vision that impressed him the most.

He became a Dentex Partner just one month before the UK Government imposed the lockdown across the country to help abate the spread of COVID-19. “To be honest, I was very concerned about how this partnership would impact the team,” admits Malcolm. “Other members of HSORC had previous experiences with other corporates, which they were negative about. However, the experience with Dentex has been very professional and the support we received during lockdown was superb and second to none! Everyone was focused and committed to getting back up and running with safety for the staff and patients; it was paramount.”

Julian Webber was responsible for introducing Dentex to Malcolm. They have been friends since teaching together at the Guys Hospital many years ago. Whilst a student there, several prizes and scholarships took Malcolm to the Tufts University in Boston, USA, “it opened up my eyes to American dentistry and how it differed from UK dentistry at that time”. This began a period of to-ing and fro-ing across the Atlantic. After finishing a special DDS programme at the Toronto Dental School, in Canada, he returned to the Guys Hospital, now to teach. “Julian told me that he was very excited about the prospect of joining Dentex and that I should consider the same thing. I met up with Chris Lekkas, Partnership & Acquisitions Manager, and Barry Lanesman, Dentex’s CEO, and I was very impressed at what had been created to date. I also spoke to other colleagues who had joined Dentex and they were all positive; it was unlike colleagues who had joined other corporates and were disillusioned soon after joining.”

Malcolm has become one of the pioneers in using modern implant reconstruction methods in the UK, after hearing that his Professors from Canada had developed an Implant clinic in Toronto. “The early days of implants were extremely exciting! I developed many friendships throughout the world with clinicians who were likeminded and pioneering in their work. I gradually carried out more implant restorative work, until the moment that my clinic was selected and took part in the first multicentre study on the single tooth implant sponsored by Nobel Biocare.”

Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre

Malcolm has been carrying out surgical implant placements for many years at various hospitals in London including The Wellington, The Harley Street Clinic, The London Clinic and The Princess Grace Hospital. However, as hospital costs rose, he decided to open the Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre in late 1999 with its own Day Care facilities. The centre expanded and in 2006, together with Professor David Dunaway, Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon, he opened 152 Harley Street Ltd with 3 Day Care operating theatres, consulting rooms, and Radiology facilities. The specialist dental facilities are now part of the Dentex group.

HSORC is located at 152 Harley Street, in London, and continues to strive and provide excellent treatment and care. Together with Tim King, Professor Nick Donos (Specialist in Periodontology), Professor Lambis Petridis (Specialist in Prosthodontics), and their hygienists Janet Donos and Bozena, they are able to treat complex cases that often require different treatment disciplines. 

No longer worrying about Compliance, HR, and other admin tasks has allowed Malcolm to concentrate on what he does best: dentistry. “I have found every member of the Dentex team friendly, informed, and very approachable. The aim is to allow the practice to continue in the same vein as before, if the practice wishes to do so. For us, very little has changed. We are using the same suppliers and laboratories that we have used for years. This is indeed different from other corporates that try to encourage the practice to mould themselves into their own vision of what a practice should be.”

As a national and international high-calibre reference in dentistry, Malcolm Schaller believes that the new compliance requirements introduced by regulatory bodies have produced extra costs for practices, making it more difficult for individual dentists to finance in order to complete them properly. “I do see room for the expansion of a corporate model where each partner benefits from the sustainability and expertise of the entire group; this bodes well for the growth of Dentex Health”.

Schaller is Past President of the American Dental Society of London, Past Vice President of The American Dental Society of Europe and is a member of the British Association of Oral Surgeons, The International College of Prosthodontists, the Academy of Osseointegration (USA) and the European Association of Osseointegration. He is currently Chairman of the Education Fund of the American dental Society of London.