Dentex partners share lessons learned reopening their practices – Hints & Tips 4

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David Heath – Shine Dental Care

If you would like to talk to David Heath about his experience at Dentex, you can contact him directly here.

Preparing the practice | At Shine Dental Care, we first concentrated on resolving any problems that occurred for our patients during lockdown, then moved forward to complete treatments in progress and the backlog of examinations. Now, we have just started to open for hygiene bookings. At the moment, we are performing a good range of treatments as we resume our services. We make sure each individual situation has been risk assessed and justified, falling within the boundaries and protocols.

Opening hours and diaries | At Shine, we have always worked extended hours, the team is quite used to this. We are also very careful with our diary rescheduling; we re-evaluate our diaries every day. We book low-risk AGE treatments and vulnerable patients for the beginning of the day; ensure we leave space for new patients, emergencies, or unexpected treatments later in the morning or in the afternoon. We have been trying to ensure we have the right balance between looking after our loyal membership patients, high-end procedures, and new patients. It helps to balance cashflow in these difficult times, without losing our membership patients. 

New patients | The practice has posted a bit on social media to keep in touch with patients, but many of them are coming naturally because several practices around our area are still closed or offering very limited treatments.