Dentex partners share lessons learned reopening their practices – Hints & Tips 3

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Matt Perkins – MODUS Advanced Dental Clinic

If you would like to talk to Matt Perkins about his experience at Dentex, you can contact him directly here.

Challenges |Initially, the biggest obstacle we had was staff confidence. When we came back in, the team felt quite vulnerable. We opened on 8th June and we did not see our first patient until the 10th June. We allowed ourselves two days to run through our new operating procedures, the patient journey and build the new protocols. Once they felt adequately trained, we were ready to start. My team has been everything in this chapter, they have been amazing.

Diaries and patient journey | In my opinion, there is no one thing I could attribute as a success recipe, it is a combination. Diary management has been our biggest thing; we try to ensure the diaries are booked intelligently, that any high-risk AGE are booked just before lunch or towards the end of the day, so we don’t waste that time in between, because of fallow time.

The next thing is the operational work by our reception team. We have a small space, there is no way to have people circulating around and the runner has been extremely important. So basically, by staggering the appointments, we manage to get the throughput of patients surprisingly smooth and no two patients are arriving or departing at the same time. Regarding the fallow time, we are currently leaving 10 minutes between low-risk AGEs and one hour between high-risk AGEs.

The runner role | We did not have a runner before and now we do. The patient comes in through the front door, then they have their temperature checked, they do their hand wash, put a hair net and mask on if they haven’t come with a face covering. We have a very small waiting room, so everyone coming to the practice must wait outside until their time comes. Then, the runner collects the patient, brings the person up to the surgery and we do the treatment. Once we are done, the runner comes again to collect the patient. They always must wash their hands before they go downstairs. Working with a runner been a new and interesting dynamic, but it has been extremely important.