3 Quick Tips to Enable a Smooth Sale

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We asked our Acquisitions Team what are their top tips to enable a smooth sale in dentistry and here’s what they’ve shared with us:

  1. Organisation

Unfortunately, selling your practice can be an information intensive process. The best way to ensure that you can manage that process is to prepare in advance! Work with your practice manager to ensure that all your documents are organised, registrations and policies are up-to-date, and ready for submission to your lawyers.

2. Financial Information

As part of the valuation and sale process, we will have an in-depth review of the practice’s financials. This includes reviewing the most up-to-date accounts, individual associate revenue generation and a staff roster. Having clear information ready for review will help to accelerate both the valuation and due diligence stages

3. Engage Dental Specialist Advisors

Having experienced accountants and lawyers advising you before, during and after a sale can be a huge benefit. Before you decide to sell it is worthwhile engaging specialist lawyers and accountants who can help prepare specific documents in anticipation of a sale. This could be management accounts, updating property lease documents and anything in between.

If you’d like to know more about Dentex or get in touch with our Acquisitions Team, please contact them at [email protected].