Struggling to refer a patient?

This article was posted in on 7th July 2021 by Julian English

Julian English spoke to Rahul Doshi, clinical strategy development director at Dentex Health, about its new referral programme and what it can offer Dentex practitioners and the wider dental community.

One of the biggest challenges dentists face when referring patients is not only finding a specialist locally, but also building a strong professional relationship and trust.

Dentex has been working with more than 60 specialists to provide UK dentists a great solution.

As it continues its growth to 85+ practices, Dentex is developing referral tools across the group. It is exploring ways of better facilitating external referrals; helping to bring specialists and dentists across the country together.

Dr Rahul Doshi explains: ‘Clinical freedom is at the core of everything we do at Dentex, and so is collaboration.

‘Our dentists refer to whichever specialist they choose. But with a sizeable number of practices operating together, there is an obvious benefit to our dentists working collaboratively and supporting each other in providing patient care.

‘If I have a patient moving to a new area who needs a specialist, maybe one of our practices can look after this patient? We have a huge list of high-calibre specialists to offer this support. Not only internally, but to the broader dental community in the UK.’

A trusted source for expert advice 

So Dentex has embarked on an ambitious scheme. It will provide a robust and scalable referral service to solve some of the aforementioned concerns.

 In March, Dentex launched ‘The Specialists at Dentex’ Digital Conference, a programme designed to promote its group of specialists; a trusted source for expert advice in endodontics, prosthodontics, implantology and oral surgery, periodontics and also paediatrics.

The event presented eight guest speakers, who provided a short ‘TED’ style talk and shared valuable insights about different cases and specialisms.

This simple format saw specialists giving 15-minute presentations and getting to know the general referring dentists. They were open, free talks with questions and answer sessions, opening the door to help both parties build relationships.

Professor Lambis Petridis, associate at Harley Street Oral Reconstruction Centre, where he practices all aspects of dentistry with an emphasis on restorative, aesthetic, and implant dentistry, was one of the speakers.

Professor Petridis said: ‘It was a pleasure to join “The Specialists at Dentex” conference and share the digital stage with many other renowned specialists in the group.

‘Two important characteristics of a successful professional is critical thinking and life-long learning. Having the opportunity to discuss cases and share insights with other colleagues, and in particular specialists, helps to accomplish both goals.

‘I’m excited to see how Dentex is trying to facilitate and streamline referrals by tackling the challenges of referring a patient, thus improving the patient journey.

‘To ensure great patient care, specialists and general dentists must work collaboratively. Dentex is fostering the right environment for this to happen.’

More of these conferences are coming in various areas of specialism. The plan is to continue the sharing of knowledge, building a network of specialists and bring this information out to the wider community.

The finest specialists a click away 

Dentex has a large number of specialists in the group. They cover the length and breadth of the UK and almost all specialisms.

To make it an easy-to-access resource, Dentex has created a directory, which provides a list of specialists by specialisms. The Dentex Specialists Directory can be accessed using the QR code below.

This portal provides a digital referral form that gets sent directly to the practice.

Dentex places a great emphasis on the highest ethical standards. It aspires to the highest standards of professionalism and moral principles every day. It acts in the best interests of the dental community and its patients.

Trust and transparency are fundamental to everything Dentex does. So, building a relationship with Dentex specialists should come with greater ease – practicality and trust come your way.

Rahul said: ‘If you are looking to refer and you want an easy way of doing it, this is a great way to get a quick and easy result and start to build a relationship. These are high-end practices who have been carefully selected to join Dentex. So general dentists can feel the trust from the brand.’

Dentex believes in a collaborative approach. The initiative of opening a digital conference for specialists and dentists therefore goes hand-in-hand with the Dentex ethos.

This project is a key part of how Dentex supports not only its practices but the profession overall.

Scan the QR code and check Dentex’s Specialists Directory: 

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