Why DIY digital dentistry is nothing to smile about

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Digital Dentistry – When does embracing technology in dentistry go too far? Rahul Doshi shares his views.

There’s a many a benefit of technology in dentistry.

As digitalisation evolves and machines develop, it makes our lives easier. We no longer have to manually write data down, or keep a book of appointments. We can reap the benefits of 3D scanners and implant innovation assisting our clinical work. But when does digitalisation go too far?

Recent developments such as apps, which offer online dental appointments and online orthodontic treatments, are the latest revelations to hit the mainstream media.

With claims now that patients don’t need to go into a practice to get an appointment, instead video calling a dentist and using the phone’s camera to show the inside of their mouth. The question to raise is how safe these digital dentistry quick fixes actually are? Surely cameras cannot view or capture all areas of the mouth, use diagnostic tests or take radiographs.

It is important that we reiterate this when patients come in for an appointment. Not only do we build up a personal relationship with them and address concerns that they may have, but we also assess their overall oral health.

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This entry was posted in Dentistry.co.uk on 22nd Jan 2020 by Aesthetic Dentistry Today