The road less travelled

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Rahul Doshi, Clinical Director of Dentex, explains why doing things differently means the future is looking bright.

Dentex is a values-based organisation. Those values are all about collaboration, and encouraging self-improvement in every area that we can. They’re about igniting passion within our team and ensuring that we support one another at every level of the practice and the wider business of Dentex. We believe that no matter what role you play within dentistry, you should have someone to go to for support – and outside of Dentex, that is all too often not the case.

It’s a business that’s shaped by the people within it. We take the views of our partners into account; there’s a very strong sense among everyone in the team that we’re all responsible for creating and maintaining integrity in the business.

Clinical support

Because of these values, the future is bright. We take every opportunity to repeat and uphold our values, because it’s crucial that we stay true to them. We’re growing, but we’re doing so by acquiring the right practices: other businesses that share our beliefs. The practices must be right for Dentex, of course. But we have to be right for them too, because we’re planning to work with them for a long time.

As Clinical Director, my role is about growing practices clinically, and ensuring that we provide all the support they need. Perhaps a practice wants to introduce a new service, such as Invisalign or implants, for example. Implementing those things can really be a struggle. A new treatment often needs new systems or new communications around it. How do you diarise it? How do you set the fees? How do you market this new treatment to your patients?

We have a wide range of experience across our group now, so we can transfer that knowledge from practices that know how to do these procedures on a regular basis to practices that are still learning.

Growth and stability

We’re doing some exciting things with technology at the moment as well. We’ve just worked with several practices that wanted to install 3Shape and iTero scanners, for example. We’re looking to the future: we want to help practices run as effectively as they can while being at the cutting edge, clinically.

What’s the point in acquiring great practices and watching them decline? We want to help them move forward in ways that they might not have been able to do otherwise. All businesses want to grow. The simplest way to do that is to give the people in your organisation more clinical knowledge and support. It’s a foundational way of growing your business that’s a long way from acting reactively and cutting costs. It’s a proactive approach that we should be taking more often in dentistry, and one that’s at the heart of Dentex.

Everything feels aligned, from collaboration between partners to the business structure itself. Dentex is well-financed by investors, and dentists have invested in it too – it’s soundly capitalised, and the debt levels are low. Everything is already in place to achieve great things. The long-term future looks good: for me, it’s a really exciting time to be part of Dentex.

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