The Dentex team

Since our inception in 2014, Dentex has continued to broaden its horizons and evolve to encompass the expertise and experience of some of the most renowned experts within dentistry. Our industry leaders collaborate across the group to create an environment of ethical and profitable collaboration. We work together to achieve outstanding standards for mutual benefit.

Business planning and budgeting

With our support, you can enhance the profitability of your business. We can create a strategic planning and budgeting programme to the benefit of your business –leaving you more time to focus on your personal development plan.

Human resources

A robust HR department is integral to the efficient and coordinated success of any business. Our experienced team handles your admin headaches and serves as a link between management and employees.

Training and development

We are developing a specific training programme that supports the sharing of clinical expertise across the Dentex group and enables dentists to continue to develop their careers and their practices.

Legal and compliance

These are critical components of any dental practice and the regulations change frequently, so it’s reassuring to know we have the breadth of knowledge and expertise to successfully meet all the regulatory requirements.

Practice optimisation

Technology and its clinical application is key to the development of a dental practice. With our insight and experience, we have done the groundwork and can offer evidence in what works best for whom and why.

Marketing and PR

Collaborate with a dedicated marketing team who will work with you to develop plans to grow your practice and increase patient numbers.


We offer IT solutions and support from a team well-versed in the specific needs of any successful dental practice’s network.


Through sourcing ethically and even more profitability, the supply chain will enhance value throughout. Ultimately to the end user. Supporting practice teams, by developing innovative sourcing strategies will also allow the practice team to focus on the patients.

Acquisition support

Collaboration lies at the heart of our business and we have vast experience in the acquisition process to the benefit of our member dentists.