My three years with Dentex

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Three years ago today, the final documents were signed and I was no longer the owner of my Harwood Dental Practice. Dentex became a new owner. It was a big step away from the practice I had owned for 12 years, but I was not worried, I was excited. Mitesh Badiani recommended Dentex to me a year earlier and his recommendation was all I needed. I knew that over 12 years, I had gotten Harwood to the point where I was happy, with a very good team and lovely patients. Still, it would be difficult to make it even better just on my own. 

Over the years, I had been approached by various companies which wanted to buy Harwood, and there was always only one response from my side: not interested. I would never risk watching my Harwood being changed into something I did not want it to be.

When I look back in time, I can see how beautifully Harwood developed in the past 3 years since joining Dentex. This is hugely due to great efforts of our new practice manager, Chris Bloye, who joined Harwood within few months of sale, blended into our team quickly and ever since has worked hard to make us the best we could be. His efforts were rewarded when Harwood won Dentex’s ‘Practice of the year’ on September 2019. Such a proud moment!

It is often difficult to appreciate good things in good times; we tend to take them for granted. But I don’t. I appreciate the day to day presence of various support teams within Dentex – they were there, working and helping, and that was part of a new routine.  

Over the last years, everything has gone pretty smoothly; I finally have time for my personal life and I am so happy that I made what has been proved such a good decision for my team, my patients and myself. Then came March 2020 and COVID-19; the dental industry and healthcare services across the globe were in crisis. In 25 years of being a dentist, I have never experienced anything like this. The stress of shutting down the surgery, the unknown – a horrendous time for everyone but, in a way, I still felt calm and protected.

Over the following weeks, I kept reading posts from other dentists, owners of their own practices, associates, and the amount of fear and stress was insurmountable. I felt so sheltered and so privileged to be part of Dentex. I realised more than any other time before how precious the support from the Dentex team is and how incredible is the effort from everyone in order to secure a prompt, safe and stress-free return to work as soon as possible. While my team was on furlough and my receptionist and I were dealing with patients over the phone, Chris and the Dentex team were extremely busy and helpful under unbelievably difficult conditions.

As Allen Zimbler suggested in his webinar: “make the most of this beautiful crisis”. I loved the Dentex webinar series and the weekly partners’ meetings, they gave me pride to belong to the Dentex family.

When we got closer to opening, I was still reading more and more worried messages from dentists outside the group about where they could get PPE, associates who had to outsource their own PPE, questions about rules and regulations to follow, professionals let down on fit testers, or even cases of dentist who had been lied to and cheated by unscrupulous companies. Then I realised I was in this beautiful bubble of support. We got ready; we opened the practice.

All this was possible thanks to the huge effort of Barry, Pat, Rahul, Amy, Sam, Manveer, Jessica, Kirsten, Brent, Nick, Eloise, our Chris and everybody else who worked relentlessly to get us ready. I cannot even begin to think what my life and the lives of my team would look like if we were not part of the Dentex family.

I can only echo my fellow partner Az Hyder: “Having Dentex as my partner has been a lifeline to get me and my team through”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past three years and look forward to many years to come. 

Dr Magdalena Laskowska – Harwood Dental