"Joining Dentex has also given me the opportunity to clinically contribute to the wider group." Tidu Mankoo

Tidu Mankoo

Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry

When I was approached by Dentex, I had been considering my succession plan. As I learnt more about their model and how it allowed me to work alongside other dentists, I decided the time was right.

I liked that they didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken, as can often by the case with more traditional corporates – they were more focussed on developing what I’d created. My Regional Partners now work alongside me in the practice and I continue to have a useful role to play.

Selling your practice is always a scary time; it’s your baby, and I had spent many years building something that was very special. It also carries with it the strength of my reputation as a dentist. And so, it was always a fear of mine whether I was doing the right thing or not.

It is still early days, I will continue to be somewhat nervous until I’ve really seen the fruits of our venture. But I don’t feel any concern about my thoughts and opinions being sought and respected when it comes to the future of this practice.

I like working alongside Dentex partners, we get on well and have a shared vision. I am confident they will facilitate taking my practice to the next level and beyond. What I always wanted was to see it succeed further and have the freedom to continue to work as long as I wished.

Joining Dentex has also given me the opportunity to clinically contribute to the wider group. Over my career, I have built a strong reputation as a high quality, top end dentists. To be able to mentor and teach the younger generation has always been important to me and it allows me a forum to do so.