"I think everybody is wary of corporates and the ‘sausage factory’ scenario – that has not been my experience with Dentex." Ian Castledine

Ian Castledine

Associate at The Gallery Dental Centre of Excellence

I’ve worked at The Gallery for 30 years as an associate, a partner and then again as an associate. So, I’ve seen our patients grow-up and return with their own children. Since our principal Robyn Denville decided to join the Dentex group, there has been little visible change at the practice. It was a seamless transition and there has been total continuity – so much so that patients do not realise there has even been a changeover.

The partnership has already revitalised the business with a new eye and fresh perspective thanks to the input from Dentex’s experienced practitioners. They not only offer support and ideas on new working practices and different materials and tools and so on, but we can bounce ideas off them.

It can be a lonely word out there in dentistry, so it is especially reassuring to be able to run things past an experienced colleague who knows what works and what doesn’t.

There have been improvements in the day-to-day admin and the practice management systems – with the additional benefit of more dentists coming in.

There are also now more training courses available, taking the whole team to the next level.

Associates are often kept at arm’s length when it comes to the decision-making process, but my opinions are sought, we are given options and I feel involved – it has pulled us all together.

It is very easy for a practice to slowly stagnate and owners often stop investing if there are plans to sell it down the line, but this hasn’t happened and we continue to grow and improve.

Whilst there was initial apprehension at the idea of the partnership and the changes this would entail – I think everybody is wary of corporates and the ‘sausage factory’ scenario – that has not been my experience with Dentex. Our practice has kept the same ethos and same prescribing profile, but with the benefit of being part of a wider group of dentists.

The benefits of this partnership ¬are multiple and, we are definitely now progressing, moving forward and further improving. We all like to be in control of our own destiny to a degree and a Dentex partnership allows this.