"Some staff had concerns they would ‘become a number’... it was the all-inclusive approach that came across so much from the team at Dentex" Debbie Hutchinson

Debbie Hutchinson

Business Development Manager at Smile Excellence

As part of the Dentex group, my role working alongside Mitesh Badiani as business manager has quickly evolved. Overseeing several practices in the South West, my job is now much more focused on facilitating learning and sharing information among practice managers across the group. Along with the support provided by the Dentex group, my function is now much more on leading and support – helping to grow the practices.

Little has changed as we share the same ethos – co-ownership has simply honed what I was doing before and built on this. I am now more focused on how we share knowledge and resources with new practices coming on board via Dentex’s training and mentoring.

Our practices used to be very individual in their support and resources, such as HR, and some staff had concerns they would ‘become a number’. We were very conscious of not to become that and it was the all-inclusive approach that came across so much from the team at Dentex.

We all have so much input and people’s opinions count and that’s what we wanted.

The line of communication is smoother, too, and, for our teams, there has been no noticeable change. What changes they do see are positive and cascade through the managers to them via the support network we now have.

Now there are more resources and structure behind us and we are part of a larger group, we work more efficiently and effectively. This helps greatly – there’s not one manager out on a limb and, should we need to, we can transfer from one practice to another seamlessly. Everyone in the team get the extra support they need.

We have compliance set up through Dentex, and that has also been key. It’s now so much easier to deal with the administrative side of running a practice. Dentex understands our journey and it’s a true partnership – it’s refreshing for the whole team to work collaboratively with people who best understand the business of dentistry.