Life as a partner

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What happens after the ink is dry and you’re part of the fold? We explain how Dentex support can help your practice flourish

It’s not that nothing changes once you partner with Dentex – but the changes that do take place are not the ones you might expect. Many of the things that people expect from corporate dentistry simply won’t happen. Yes, Dentex wants to grow profits, but because it takes a long-term outlook, it won’t do that by just cutting costs. The aim is to enhance the practice, not cut it, and that happens in other ways. Seeing more patients, offering more treatments, and marketing effectively, for example.

You retain clinical freedom, your choice of materials and lab won’t be restricted, and so many practices find that the important things stay as they ever were. This is particularly important for the teams they have in place and ultimately, their patients.

So: what is life really like as a partner?


  • Compliance
  •  HTM 01-05
  • CQC inspections
  • Consent
  • GDPR
  • Employment
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Staff training


First things first. The Dentex team come in to find out what makes the practice tick. You will meet the operations team and explain what makes your practice unique. Dentex takes time to ensure that they understand your practice, your people, and your patients – before anything else happens.


The most profound change often happens to the practice manager’s role. They will be supported to fully take charge of the business side of the practice, leaving the clinicians to focus on the clinical journey. Far from being sidelined, practice managers find their role enhanced, becoming the hub around which everything revolves.


Access to marketing expertise is one of the big benefits of partnering. Once you have a business strategy in place, a marketing agenda can be drawn up – and everyone prepped to back it. Tying operational support into a marketing plan is crucial to getting results, and it’s exactly where Dentex can help – if you are targeting new patients, for example, how do you make sure there are appointments in the book to cope with the influx of new faces? Is your digital marketing bringing in the right patients? How do you grow your referral business? These are all issues that Dentex can help you tackle.


By stepping back from running the practice, dentists immediately get more time to concentrate on their clinical work. This allows revenues to grow much quicker than they would do otherwise, and without having to make any negative changes to the business. You will be doing more dentistry, spending more time with patients, and the practice will be better for it.


Dentex calls its back-office operations Partner Support. It means that the little things are where you will see the biggest changes. Payroll, HR, paying invoices, for example – all these things are important, but they don’t directly help patients, or practice growth. Worried about letting go? Don’t be. Your practice manager will be given the training and time to run the practice as a business. Everyone benefits


From the very first meeting, you will agree on the growth and development plan for the practice, ensuring that it’s true to your ethos. Growing the business is crucial, but it has to happen in the right way.