Two Dentex Partners Make Prestigious 2018 Dentistry Top 50

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They say that a business is only as good as its people. And Dentex works with some extraordinary people, as is evidenced by the fact that two Dentex partners have made it into the Dentistry Top 50 2018.
The outstanding work of Rahul Doshi of the Perfect Practices Group, and Mervyn Druian of London Cosmetic Dentistry, has been recognised by one of the premier industry awards.
Compiled since 2005, the Top 50 list seeks to acknowledge the most influential and successful people within the dental industry. Dentists, practice nurses, practice managers, respected academics, prominent association leaders, important political figures and astute media analysts have all found their names on the list in the past. This year, Rahul Doshi and Mervyn Druian are delighted to find their names among that number.
Rahul and Mervyn were among the first adopters of the Dentex model, which was launched in 2017 to help dentists work together as part of the UK’s only dental partnership. Traditionally, dental business models have been focused on acquiring dental practices and managing their expenses. Dentex is very different; the focus is creating a partnership of dentists who can work together and learn from each other, whilst also being free to manage, control and develop the clinical aspects of their practices.
Dentists retain ownership in the group, so have an interest to see Dentex grow and thrive – they haven’t sold out, they’ve bought in. By Dentex taking away the administrative burden, they can continue to involve themselves in the parts of the practice that they enjoy.
Dentex CEO, Barry Lanesman, comments: “We’ve known just how extraordinary both Rahul and Mervyn are, from the time that we first met them to discuss potential involvement in Dentex. To see them – and their work – publicly recognised by being shortlisted for the 2018 Dentistry Top 50 has made us all very proud.”