DENTEX: A new approach to dental partnerships

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Launching this May, Dentex is a completely new approach to partnership in the UK dental sector. Its aim is to create opportunities for existing dental practices to grow their future, without losing control.

Dentex was set up towards the end of 2014, by a group of people who shared a vision for a different way of partnering with dental practitioners. According to Dr Pat Langley, Dentex’ Chief Dental Officer “I believe what we are offering is unique. As a dentist myself, I strongly support the concept and that is why I joined in late 2015 in order to throw my weight behind what I see as an exciting proposition. We began our initial discussions with dentists in late 2015 and since then the model has been evolving. The approach appears to be welcomed by the profession as we’ve began discussions with prospective practices and the number now in talks with us is increasing rapidly.”

“We are open to discussions with any size of practice or groups of practices, provided that they are willing to buy into our ethos. We offer two partnership options…….” Read the full article in Dental Practice May edition, page 17