DentalTown UK asks Rahul Doshi – What are the things you couldn’t do without?

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Published by DentaltownUK, Dec 2017

I graduated from Guy’s Dental Hospital, London, in 1991, thereafter setting up Perfect Smile Studios with my wife, and fellow practitioner, Dr Bhavna Doshi BDS. Since then we’ve worked intensively to create a practice that we can both be proud of and patient care is at the heart of that.


Making your patients feel happy and confident – not just in the care that you provide them with, but also within themselves – is, in my view, the key to successful dentistry, and one of the things I’ve come to rely on to facilitate that is Luxatemp. Temporisation is an integral part of comprehensive smile design treatments and the bis-acrylic peroxide-free material, which forms the base of Luxatemp, helps make the transitional period a more con?dent one for the patient while expediting a better overall long-term result by providing proper communication for the laboratory and eliminating as much of the guesswork as possible.


It’s for similar reasons that I also wouldn’t be without the Elexionn Nano laser. I have been using soft tissue diode lasers in smile design cases for 17 years, but whilst lasers do not cause bleeding many cause carbonisation, which affects tissue healing. Working at up to 20,000 times per second, the Elexionn delivers an incredibly clean cut with very little carbonisation, not to mention amazing control, which produces – in my experience, so far – unparalleled results when working on soft tissue crown lengthening. The patients may not understand the difference in the results they’re receiving, but it makes delivering outstanding treatment a far more comfortable process.


Of course, there’s more to modern dentistry that the direct clinical experience, and it’s the Apolline app that we’ve found invaluable in enhancing the efficiency of practice management. Meeting the requirement of the regulators can be overwhelming. Apolline provides an array of compliance tools, protocols and templates, and enables simple task delegation, so you have a clearly auditable trail, ensuring that nothing gets missed.


The ?nal thing I wouldn’t be without is the peer support I receive through Dentex and their unique co-ownership model. I have held a number of posts throughout my career including the clinical editor of Premium Practice Dentistry. When you’re looking for help and advice, nothing quite beats learning from the experience of others who have been there before you.


Dental technology has come along so fast in recent years, but an intra-oral scanner is at the top of my wish list. And if money was no object, then it really has to be the 3Shape wireless intra-oral Scanner from Trios. Whatever your special interest– from general dentistry to implantology – a 3D scanner not only takes scans rather than a physical impression but is capable of rendering the whole of a patient’s dental structure visible for computer examination and patient demonstration creating a fantastic patient communication tool.

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