Charitable partners

Our chosen charitable partner is SmileStar, a UK charity established in 2010 by one of our partners, Mitesh Badiani. Its aim is to deliver free, quality dental care to disadvantaged communities in African countries and India as well as to ex-Royal Marines here in the UK.

Thanks to the many volunteers who fund their own trips, the charity has been able to improve the dental health of more than 5,000 people in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India. A charity hospital has been set up in Gujarat in North West India, which treats general patients as well as provides dental treatment and services.

Closer to home, SmileStar has joined forces with the Royal Marines Charity (formerly with The C Group) to provide ex-Royal Marines with free dental care. An impressive 75 dental practices nationwide have signed up to offer this free dental care to ex-marines.

Dentex is proud to support the on-going efforts of SmileStar and, last year, we sent a team to help with its mission in India in February 2018 and to Zambia in June 2018.

Pictures from recent trips