More often dentists look at selling their practice as ‘getting out’ – but with Dentex, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want a new challenge and still want to play a part in making something thrive, partnership could be the right route for you, especially if any of these reasons sound familiar…

You want to buy into something – not sell out

With Dentex, the term ‘partner’ isn’t just lip service. The upfront cash payments that realise some of the equity in your business does not mean giving up your hard-won independence. Everything that made your practice a success stays the same – your brand, your team, your clinical decision making. The only difference is the new support network ready to back you up. It is therefore no surprise most dentists joining are on average five years younger than most dentists selling their practices.

You want to achieve real growth

Dentex enables partnering practices to achieve significant growth. Support with marketing, compliance, operations, legal – it’s all there for the taking, and can springboard already successful practices into something amazing. Joining Dentex as a partner can help you as a dentist grow in a variety of ways whether it’s to develop a network of practices, spend more time with patients focusing on their clinical work, or shifting the scales in your work-life balance.

You love dentistry, not the admin

Joining Dentex lets you relinquish some of the burden of practicing such as compliance, regulation and administration, freeing you up to focus on your clinical work and expanding your skillset. Who doesn’t want to do more of what they enjoy – and less of what they don’t?

You are considering your exit plan

Perhaps you’re starting to think about your exit plan but are not ready to hang up the handpiece just yet. Partnering with Dentex gives you options without forcing you to give up the practice you have worked so hard to build – ensuring a stable future for you and your team. Meaning you can leave your practice the way you built it.

You want to do right by your team

Tapping in to the support offered by a bigger network doesn’t make your existing team any less important. Clinical staff have greater access to training and development, often finding new avenues to pursue, or that the path to specialisation becomes clearer.

And far from becoming redundant, support staff find their roles enhanced – ending up with more responsibilities and growing into wider, more fulfilling jobs. With Dentex providing support for the more mundane parts of the role, they’ll be free to spread their wings.

Invest in an industry you understand

Principals retain equity as an investor in an industry you understand. Enjoy the benefits of increasing the value of our business and play your own part in delivering growth. No other corporate offers this.

You are an associate ready to step up

Ready to become a principal but struggling to figure out how to move up from being an associate? Co-ownership gives you a helping hand to develop your business skills alongside your clinical care, if you want it – it is a career pathway without the hurdle of finding a sizeable deposit.