Hello! Hopefully you’ve come to this page because you like what you see and are interested in joining us. Excellent! Glad we’ve piqued your interest.

What are we looking for? We’re looking for people who are passionate about patient care.

Inquisitive individuals who go the extra mile to help each other and ultimately deliver the best patient experience. We are proud of our culture. Built on a strong foundation of core values we live and breathe, we’re a big organisation that has kept a small team approach. At Dentex you can expect to join a friendly, inclusive workplace that celebrates individuality, inspires innovation and empowers its people to choose the best approach to the work they deliver.

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When you work at one of our practices, you have access to our incredible Partner Support team. We have teams dedicated to compliance, operations, procurement, legal, marketing, finance, HR and IT – all here to support our practices run smoothly. When a practice joins us, they join a community of over 100 (and counting!) practices spread across the UK. A wealth of experience is unlocked and available to everyone in the group.

From a pool of fellow partners to tap into, dynamic group-wide practice manager forums and training events for practice and partner support staff, being part of the award winning Dentex community offers you the right support and opportunities to see your career flourish.

If you’re an established Specialist you’ll absolutely love what we are doing at Dentex!

We’re proud to have over 80 specialists in our group already and you too could be part of what we are building. Whether you’re looking to just fill one or two days or you want to find a completely new practice to work in, we have a growing number of practices and lots of opportunity for specialists to expand our treatment offering.