Achieve your ambitions through partnership

There are two ways you can partner with Dentex. Choosing the one that is right for you depends on your business, what your long-term goals are and what kind of lifestyle you aspire to. Both options are ways for you to create long-term sustainable growth for your practice:

  • Regional Partners - you want to expand and grow your own group of practices, and need support to realise your ambitions. Partnering with Dentex will give you all the financial, legal, business and management support you will need, without relinquishing control. You will also be part of a growing network of renowned dentists, sharing knowledge and resources.
  • Practice Partners - your practice will become part of a Regional Partner's group, who will provide you with mentorship and support to run your business. This will allow you time to concentrate on your dentistry, enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, but still have an input into how the business moves forward. We do not rebrand, your practice will keep what makes it unique, whilst benefiting from our support in the day to day running of the business. We provide partnership, not a takeover.

Our partnerships are about building success, joint achievement, wealth creation, investment and unrivalled support. Dentex is run by dentists for dentists: clinical excellence is paramount to what we do and there is no compromise on quality of care.

For those who have already made the Dentex choice it has been a profitable, fulfilling and rewarding decision.